Natterjacks 2.0


For some of the more observant of our customers or if you’re of course visiting us for the first time, you’ll notice that our website has had a bit of a jazzy makeover. We’ve been working extremely hard over the last year or so to give our little website the makeover it was badly crying out for and here is the finished product. We’ve put a lot of our blood, sweat and tears into the re-design and we owe a major thanks to our pals at Visualsoft for all their grafting to help us get the site looking on point.

Not only does the website have a fresh face, we also have some fresh faces working behind the scenes at Natterjacks and this is only the start of our exciting journey to bringing the website in line with the Fife Road establishments you all know and love. Along with the big changes to the Natterjacks site and the Natterjacks team, we’ve also got some huge clothing and sneaker releases planned for the summer with the Vans x Disney collaboration, the Adidas Los Angeles almost ready to go and the Adidas Pro Vintage also soon to be online.


 Alongside these we also have some big drops from your favourite brands like Vans, Nike, Rebel 8, Reebok, K-Swiss and Carhartt. We hope you like the changes we’ve made and are always open to feedback, if you have any issues or trouble finding say, a pair of triple black Nike Huarache’s please feel free to e-mail us at After all, we haven’t done this to just be pretty like a Kardashian, we want our website to be easier to navigate for all our customers and if we can get you to the page you want quicker, then it’s all been worthwhile.

You can still find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watch this space for big things coming from the new and improved Natterjacks this summer…

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