Nike Sock Dart

The Sock Dart was originally produced in the mid-2000s to mark the 20th anniversary of its predecessor, the Sock Racer. Nike tasked its elite HTM design team to create the Sock Dart, this elite team consisted of three of the most influential footwear designers of the past 14 years, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker, by creating the Sock Dart, they created a sneaker that was well ahead of its time using a digitally knit textile and a Zoom Moire sole, the kicks were also the first Nike silhouette to incorporate the Nike Plus tracking Sock Dart kickstarted a whole new age of sneaker design and technology, as it was one of the first futuristic looking sneakers of its time and along with starting this new trend of more modern looking sneakers, it also helped to begin developments in the technology used in the manufacturing of sneakers, the biggest development that can be seen is the introduction of nikes revolutionary flyknit technology, which is what has been used on the current selection of Sock Darts that we have in stock now at natterjacks.2016-nike-sock-darts-11Here at Natterjacks we have a great range of Sock Darts on offer, at this moment we currently have 7 colour ways in stock, ranging from bright colours that are perfect for the summer, to some more toned down colours that will me more suited to the English summer, and a fair few colours to suit your needs in between. sock dartTo finish off, here at Natterjacks we think that the Sock Dart is one of the best looking sneakers on the market, there is not many other sneaker models that can pull off the minimalistic and futuristic look of a Sock Dart, whilst at the same time providing the comfort and support that the Nike Sock Dart does.

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