Santa Cruz x Garbage Pail Kids Blind Bags

Santa Cruz have been around for as long as we can remember, producing some of the best skate accessories and decks around. This year sees something unique from the skate giants; a collab with the Garbage Pail Kids.

The nostalgic collection features a range of wholly unique decks, featuring the iconic ‘Adam Bomb’ kid, but theres a catch…

Every deck is blind bagged and your chosen board will range in rarity, meaning no one knows what you’re getting, not even us!  The ‘Earth Implodingly Rare’ decks feature one of a kind custom art from the likes of Funeral French, Tyler Emanuel, Lucas Musgrave and Tallboy.  The second rarest decks feature 1-of-a-kind hand painted colorways, whether it be a graffiti style spray design or painted smile design. Take a chance and cop your unique and exclusive Santa Cruz x Garbage Pail Kids at Natterjacks.

Pick up your Blind Bag today and make sure to tag us in your un-bagging photos and videos!




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