Friday The 13th: Obey x Misfits

No Friday the 13th would be complete without some freaky goodness, and this month we have the pleasure to introduce the Obey x Misfits capsule collection; a collaboration that seamlessly fuses the iconic images of Shepard Fairey with the punk aesthetic of the Misfits.

The Misfits are a punk rock revelation and a band that has mesmerised me from my first introduction to them in 1985. The Misfit art is pure alchemy genius and the best example of remixing marginal subculture imagery into a cohesive cult brand in history. From horror films, comics, serials and B-Movies the Misfits culled, cut, pasted, inked and crafted possibly the most recognisable and enduring punk iconography ever. The thing that I love about the classic Misfits imagery is that its well designed, but has a do-it yourself charm that is organic and unfussy. I’ll be seeing you again.”

– Shepard Fairey

This capsule from Obey has been a long time coming, with the dark themes and punk vibes encapsulating everything the band and the brand stand for. The mashup version of the Misfits logo bleeds its way onto all of the pieces featured in the collection, making this a one of a kind, unique collab. Reworks of iconic imagery saturate the collection, with some rarities from Jerry Only working their way onto the backs of the sweaters. The monochromatic colour palette tips the hat to the manacing magazines of old, with the pops of colour bringing this truly fresh collab to life.

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