Converse Cons present ‘Purple’

Converse have and always will be a big part of skateboarding’s DNA, since as early as 1917 when the Chuck Taylor ‘All Stars’ were born, Converse have brought us a practical, long-wearing shoe, perfect for skateboarding comfortably and general everyday wear.

For as long as we can remember, Chuck Taylors have been the shoe of choice for countless skaters since before many of us were born. With a history that runs that deep, Converse’s involvement with skateboarding is evident. Having launched their skate program roughly a decade ago, Converse have just released its first full-length video featuring a team that consists of leaders of the current generation like Louie Lopez and Sean Pablo, as well as legends like Kenny Anderson and Jason Jessee.

Converse Cons present ‘Purple’, featuring the full Converse team, it is said to be “a perfect example of allowing the teams personalities to dictate the films direction, not trying to shoe horn anything in, or re-invent the wheel.”

So if you find yourself a free moment, take a look at ‘Purple’ for some serious inspiration and skate finesse.

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