Originally released in 1982 and designed by legendary Nike designer Bruce Kilgore the Nike Air Force 1 was Nike’s venture into the world of the NBA. Before Nike concentrated on the running market and did so well but them moving towards the basketball scene Nike were keen in putting together a basketball shoe. Bruce Kilgore took certain aspects of existing basketball shoes tweaked them like move from a traditional herringbone outsole to a circular outsole to help with players using their pivot foot.

When the shoe was released Nike signed 6 NBA players to wear the Air Force 1 and then they became known as the ‘Originals Six’,

Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Bobby Jones, Calvin Natt, Mychal Thompson and Jamal Wilkes were the original six and wore the Air Force 1 throughout their NBA careers.

Besides being steeped in basketball culture, the Nike Air Force 1 has become a a staple for most peoples sneaker rotation with it’s sleek design and minimalist look the Air Force 1 has become a must have, especially during the summer periods.

Personally the Air Force 1 has been one of my favourite trainers ever and it is not hard to see why. Below are some of my favourite ways to wear the Nike Air Force 1, in the summer.

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