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Gift Vouchers Information

Gift Vouchers Information

Our online Gift Vouchers are sent electronically on the date you specify to the recipients e-mail of your choosing (this is the person's email that you want to send the gift voucher to.) Payment for the gift voucher will be charged on purchase not on the date of issue and are valid for 12 months from issue. The value of the gift voucher is your choice.

Online Gift Vouchers can only be cancelled by the person who bought it within 1 hour of purchase and will not be valid until the confirmation email is received. Unwanted Gift Vouchers can not be returned and voucher codes can not be used to purchase another gift voucher.

Items bought using gift vouchers can be returned or exchanged but not refunded, only additional monies paid over and above the gift voucher will be refunded and a new gift voucher code will be issued. When a new gift voucher is issued it will expire on the same date as the original gift voucher.

If you spend more than your gift voucher value you can pay the additional money at checkout, if you spend less than the gift voucher value you will have a credit balance to use later using the same voucher code.

Using your gift voucher is easy just enter your unique code at checkout. You may purchase more than one gift voucher at the same time.

An electronic gift voucher cannot be redeemed in one of our stores. We don't send out physical copies of our online gift vouchers, but you can print them off for your own reference or to give to your intended recipient.

With our store gift cards, simply choose how much money you would like to put on the card and we will ship the gift card to you or the address of your choice.  Please note that the physical, instore gift cards cannot be replaced if they are lost or misplaced for any reason.